2 - Creating Space

Making space to be present to the miracle of the moment – it seems like an impossible undertaking when you're in the eye of the storm. Even when we know "this too shall pass," it's hard to imagine a time when we'll be on the other side of whatever challenge we're currently facing.

When entering a dark chapter in our lives, the changes come fast, from our living arrangements to our daily routines to our support system. And, if we have children, the thought of their lives being uprooted adds another layer of stress to the mix.

But what if we told you that the process has a name? What if we showed, through lived experiences, that this season of life could lead to what is known as post-traumatic growth?

We won't sugarcoat the process. Dark chapters are painful, overwhelming, hard. But, as we'll illustrate through the lens of research, personal experiences, and thoughtful reflections, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


In this episode, we explore: 

  • How overwhelm so often defines times of big life transition.
  • How thinking about “self-care” as “intentionally creating space” can help calm this overwhelm.
  • Why creating space does not have to take time.
  • The importance of creating a container to allow the emotions - such as grief, sadness, fear, anger - that so often come with loss, divorce or other traumatic big life transitions.
  • The importance of sharing our experiences as we process these emotions. Connection mitigates trauma.
  • Practical tips to start to shift your momentum by intentionally creating space in your life – mindfulness, meditation, breath work, movement, bodywork, connection, affirmations, gratitude, journaling.

If you're feeling lost, scared, or need guidance and inspiration on getting through a trying chapter in your life, this episode is for you. Join us on the other side of pain and learn how to create calm in the storm.


Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

A Course In Miracles by Helen Schucman


About Your Hosts

Dr. Sari Green is a physician and certified life coach, and Emily McCary Price is a certified life coach with a background in clinical psychology and Internal Family Systems. For more information about coaching services, please visit the website at Lotus Life Coaching to learn how we can help you reframe and prioritize your next chapter.