Hi there. I’m Dr. Sari Green, and I’ve been in your shoes.

Hi there. I’m
Dr. Sari Green, and I’ve been in your shoes.

Seven years ago, the direction of my journey changed in an instant. My marriage abruptly and unexpectedly ended - I was four months pregnant. One moment I was enjoying what I thought was a healthy marriage, managing a successful career, and preparing to welcome a precious new life into the world. The next moment I was paralyzed and drowning. 

What followed were many years of overwhelm, anger, grief, confusion, and fear as I navigated a new path of motherhood, single parenting, isolation, legal drama, career transition and self-discovery. 

In my healing, I came to appreciate how powerful our minds are in creating our lived experience. As I increasingly learned to intentionally choose the lens through which I viewed my daily challenges and experiences, my life’s momentum started to shift.

Anger evolved into acceptance. Confusion shifted to clarity. Grief softened and gradually dissolved. Overwhelm gave way to ease. And the gripping fear that defined the beginning years of this chapter of my life has been replaced with a deep, unwavering self-trust.

I want this for you too.


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