It’s time to find empowerment in

your journey.


Find your way out of the chaos,
stress and overwhelm.



It's time to find empowerment in your journey.


Find your way out of the chaos, stress and overwhelm.


I help women physicians navigate divorce and step into their next chapter.

When everything falls apart

When life changes unexpectedly or you find yourself on a path you did not plan, you may feel disoriented, overwhelmed, powerless, isolated, and like no one can possibly understand. 

You are grieving the loss of the life you envisioned. You are navigating unfamiliar waters. You are faced with so many decisions, but it is hard to see clearly. You may feel stuck, or paralyzed with fear. You may feel shame in your story. Everything feels incongruent and out of alignment. How can you move forward? How will you rebuild and trust again?

I created Lotus Coaching

Inspired by the title of Thich Nhat Hanh’s book, No Mud, No Lotus, I created Lotus Coaching to help support and guide you on your journey. Lotus Coaching provides a safe place for you to be seen, to share and be vulnerable, to find connection and clarity, and to shift the momentum and trajectory of your life. This is a space to borrow the hope and belief you need to move through this Winter toward the beautiful rebirth of Spring that awaits you.

Right now, you’re making heavy decisions that impact your life and perhaps the lives of children and other loved ones. I don’t have your answers, but I believe you do. You will learn tools to center yourself for increased clarity, to recognize the opportunity hidden in obstacles, and to envision and create your next chapter. It is my job to help you discover that you are capable of building and truly embracing a new life, opportunities and freedom from the past. 


I can help you:

  • Work towards acceptance
  • Add clarity to decisions
  • Calm overwhelm
  • Define boundaries
  • Be gentle with yourself
  • Find ways to create space in your life
  • Reframe and prioritize your next chapter 
  • Replace fear with unwavering self-trust


  • Navigate the legal system
  • Use your attorney more efficiently
  • Set up a system for documentation
  • Offer support for court and mediation
  • Develop communication strategies for difficult people

It’s time to live the life you deserve and are meant to live.

With Lotus Coaching you gain calm, clarity and confidence. You will understand how to diffuse stress, sleep better and feel more alive. You will honor your needs, desires and dreams. You will learn to allow a vision for a new life to emerge, and start taking steps in that direction. You will step into your power.

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